In the beginning...

There had to be a beginning. That’s not a particularly earth shattering revelation. It’s not meant to be. But it does make you think. For every place you want to go, every thing you want to achieve, every one you want to meet—there has to be a beginning, a starting place. This is ours. It doesn’t matter to us why you’re starting. Maybe you grew up “churched” but life happened and you grew away. Maybe you didn’t and you’re curious. Maybe you’re active but questioning. Maybe you’re none of these things. Or maybe you’re a healthy mixture of them all. It doesn't matter to us why you’re starting—simply that you are. Our Bible Information Class is just that. It’s the beginning.

Over the course of twelve lessons we’ll cover all the basics: from creation, to Jesus and what he’s done to save, how to read God’s Word, baptism, holy communion, faith, daily life and many of other topics to equip you for faith and life. 

When is Bible Information Class?

Classes typically meet on Wednesdays at 7:00pm and Sunday mornings from 9:40–10:30am between services. New sessions begin in January, June, and September. Free child care is provided during each class.

What will I learn in class?

The class is divided into twelve lessons designed to review the basic Biblical beliefs of our Christian church and school and learn more about God’s eternal love and guidance. Here’s an overview of what you can expect:

Week 1: What’s so special about the Bible?
Week 2: How did this world get here?
Week 3: Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people?
Week 4: Study of the Ten Commandments: Part 1
Week 5: Study of the Ten Commandments: Part 2
Week 6: Who is Jesus Christ?
Week 7: What specifically did Jesus do for me?
Week 8: Who is the Holy Spirit? Why do I need to forgive people?
Week 9: Why is Baptism so important for me?
Week 10: What is Holy Communion? Does Prayer work?
Week 11: What is the purpose of the church? What is my purpose in life?
Week 12: The Review: What promise hasn’t Jesus kept…yet?

What are other saying about this class?

“The class helped expand our knowledge and understanding of the Bible.  It brought us closer together and made our relationship better than ever.  After we finished the class, our newborn Matthew, was baptized along with my husband Michael.  We felt so blessed to have found such a wonderful church that brought our family together with Christ.”  
— Mike & Sarah

“You will always make time for things that are most important.  What is more important than hearing what God has to say?  I work full time, have a husband and two kids who all have crazy schedules and I found that once I decided to go, everything fell into place.”
— Christina

“There is always a reason not to … Commit to growing in your faith.  It’s always the right time to do that.” 
Matt & Laura

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