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Welcome Home: Our Need for Christian Community

“Army of One” was the shortest lived recruiting slogan in US military history. It was meant to stress the strength of the individual. The Army dropped the slogan relatively quickly because they realized it was contrary to the reality that, in the army, you are completely reliant upon your team. In a stressful situation, the individual can be overwhelmed. He or she needs others. God knows this. The first time God looked at Creation and noticed something was off, the issue was that an individual (Adam) was isolated. “It is not good for the man to be alone” (Genesis 2:18). Humans are hardwired by God to need fellowship, not just with him, but with one another. So, God is determined to bring believers into a loving, nurturing community—the Church.

Perhaps you have been a part of this Christian family for a long time. Perhaps you once belonged to a church, but for whatever reason drifted away. Perhaps you have never belonged to a church. Whatever may be the case for you, please, join us this weekend on October 12–14. May God help us all to realize that this Christian community—this spiritual home—is something we badly need. Welcome home!

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