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Welcome Home: You are Perfectly Safe Here

Twenty-one billion dollars. That is how much Americans spend annually on home security. We want our homes to be a place that our family can feel safe, where they can be apart from everything that can hurt them. However, the reality is that no matter how many locks and alarms and cameras you might use to guard your house, you and your family are not perfectly safe. There is a greater danger than thieves... a greater threat than bullies. There is even something worse than physical death. Judgment Day is coming, and with it, the destruction of all creation. If that day comes and you are not prepared, you begin an eternal nightmare.

In the Church, our brother Jesus has given us a home that is indeed perfectly safe. Not even Judgment Day can touch it. Christians can look forward to Judgment Day with great anticipation. Even as “the mountains fall into the heart of the sea” (Psalm 46:2), we have Christ’s promise that we will be perfectly safe. In Christ’s house, we need fear nothing. Welcome home!

Join us the weekend of November 16–18, as we continue our Welcome Home worship series and talk about the safety we have in Jesus.

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