We have learned that the bigger a congregation becomes, the smaller it needs to be.

Each member of Trinity Lutheran is a gift from God, particularly our newest members. How can we get to know every member of a 1500-soul congregation, especially if you are new? The answer: You can’t. But you start with a small group and build from there.

Growth Groups is designed to be an easy, casual way of connecting with Christian friends who care about God and each other. Praying together, studying the Scriptures together, maybe even laughing together, we want to build up Christian friendships here. We envision Growth Groups to be a healthy way of growing spiritually and perhaps even taking turns serving in the congregation in meaningful ways.

We encourage every member at Trinity to join one of our 5-week Growth Group sessions—tailored to your interests and age group. Learn more about our groups and what we offer to you and your family by reading our FAQ