Parish Administrator Position

Accountable To: Board of Operations
Terms of Service: 40-48 hours per week/salaried

Purpose and Background

The position of Parish Administrator/Business Manager is being created to coordinate the business activities of our congregation and to help ease the administrative duties of our pastors and principal. The Parish Administrator/Business Manager will serve as the chief financial officer of the church, school and child care. This position will include diverse aspects of administration, but especially financial administration, budget process, account reporting, office operations and management, facilities and technology.

Reporting and Interactive Relations:

The Parish Administrator/Business Manager will report to and is responsible to the Operations Team.


  • To assist with the successful daily operation of the church and school

  • To provide confidential assistance to the pastors and principal, when requested

  • To relieve the pastoral, school and congregational leadership of administrative, communication, publishing, clerical accounting and supervisorial (volunteers) duties allowing them more time to pursue the mission of outreach and nurturing ministry to the congregation and community

  • To provide direct supervision of all compensated or volunteer receptionists, clerks and secretaries

  • To assist in providing for the daily monitoring of the church and school facilities

  • To provide direct supervision of all compensated or volunteer custodial or maintenance staff

  • To assure a personal response to all business related and ministry related inquiries from the community

  • To assist congregational leadership to ensure good order in congregation’s worship, education, fellowship and outreach efforts.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The duties and responsibilities of the Parish Administrator/Business Manager to include, but are not limited to:

30% - Accounting, Budgeting & Financial Oversite

  1. Review Accountant’s entries

  2. Review and sign-off for payroll submission

  3. Prepare monthly financial reports*

  4. Assist with monthly reconciliation of bank accounts*

  5. Review and assist with the closing of the monthly “books”

  6. Prepare quarterly financial reports for congregational voters meetings

  7. Assist with audits

  8. Assist with the annual workers compensation audit

  9. Prepare annual workers compensation payroll dollars projection

  10. Oversee the quarterly and annual payroll reports including W-2’s from payroll service

  11. Oversee and carryout the congregation’s weekly income transactions*

  12. Manage accounting processes and internal controls

  13. Maintain and oversee all checking accounts at Trinity Church, School & Child Care

* in cooperation with the church treasurer and finance secretary

30% - Office Operations & Management (includes Human Resource responsibility)

  1. Oversee, coach, and mentor church, school and child care administration personnel

  2. Maintain business relationships with vendors

  3. Manage overall office operations and expenditures and worship expenditures

  4. Help support volunteer coordinator

  5. Oversee facility calendar scheduling

  6. Is responsible for maintaining personnel benefits, files and other necessary human resource tasks

15% - Facilities Oversight

  1. Oversee custodial part-time position(s)

  2. Provide oversight for security of property (keys, key fobs)

  3. Provide oversight for facilities usage scheduling and rental arrangements

  4. Assist Board of Trustees to prepare an annual budget for facilities maintenance

  5. Provide oversight for the overall properties and grounds operations for continuity

  6. Serve as ex-officio member on Board of Trustees

10% - Campus Technology Oversight

  1. Oversee, and coordinate maintenance plan for required scheduled maintenance for computers, network hardware, video projectors and the video recording suite with the various users of this equipment.

  2. Monitor monthly charges for services provided by third parties including but not limited to phone services, internet services and computer maintenance relative to the budget. Recommend changes if better terms become available.

  3. Maintain an inventory of all computers and other electronic equipment owned by Trinity throughout the entire campus including type, model number, serial numbers, warrantees and service dates.

15% - Other responsibilities as needed, but not limited to

  1. Oversee Trinity’s databases and software programs

  2. Oversee financial ministry planning

  3. Oversee and assist in the administration of tuition (FACTS)


Base salary + experience + responsibilities and degrees. This position does qualify for the WELS insurance plan. Salary available upon request.

Schedule/Time Off: A minimum expectation of 40 hours per week. Time off for this position also follows stated policy for all non-teaching staff members.

Minimum Position Qualifications/Experience

Education: Bachelors (or equivalent)

Experience: business manager duties, supervisory experience in a business or accounting/administration position

Strong, interpersonal skills

Ability to multi-task


Applications may be emailed or mailed to the address listed below. Applications are due November 5, 2018. All applications require the following items:

  1. Letter of interest.

  2. Resumé with full work history.

  3. 2 letters of recommendation.

  4. 2 references with phone numbers and email addresses.

Sandra Huebner, Office Administrator
Trinity Lutheran Church
1052 White Rock Ave.
Waukesha, WI 53186