Trinity Lutheran’s Pre-Kindergarten program exists to provide an early learning experience to young children between the ages of 3-5 years of age. We are here to assist parents in the Christian training of the little ones God has blessed them with.  

Programming is based on the National Association for the Education of Young Children as well as the Wisconsin Early Childhood Standards.  

Trinity provides a warm, caring, consistent Christian environment. Children have the daily joy of hearing and learning about their Savior, Jesus. Songs and stories from God’s Word are shared. Prayer and Christian character are practiced.  

Children are encouraged to learn, explore and play through interactive experiences.  The teacher is the facilitator in guiding the child’s development through child initiated activities based on the children’s interests and teacher planned instruction. Group activities and individualized instruction using best practice are important components.  Assessments are ongoing  and authentic. The goal is to train the whole child: spiritually, emotionally. cognitively, physically and socially.


Mornings, 8:30–11:30 am
Afternoons, 12:30–3:30 pm

Age Group Choices

3 yr olds
2 Days a week (Tuesday/Thursday)
3 Days a week (Monday/Wednesday/Friday)

4 yr olds
5 Days a week


2 Day - $1000 +  $50 Pre-Tuition Payment
3 Day - $1500 + $50 Pre-Tuition Payment
5 day - $2500 + $100 Pre-Tuition Payment