Christian souls need to be nourished and motivated by the Word of God from cradle to grave.

Bible study is the Lord’s way of speaking to us, strengthening our faith and helping us through difficult times. Bible study unlocks the secrets of God and motivates us to worship and serve him. 

Bible study at Trinity is fun and informative. It’s edifying and encouraging. One thing it’s not: scary. No one will call on you to read or answer a question unless you raise your hand. Your level of participation is up to you. You can read, answer questions, and offer comments. Or you can simply sit, listen, and soak it all in. You don’t need to be a Bible expert. No previous Bible study experience is necessary. Please give us the opportunity to show you how wonderful studying God’s Word with fellow Christians can be!

Adult Enrichment Studies

Bible class is an important part of Sunday morning at Trinity. Each Sunday at 9:40 am we begin several group studies of a scriptural topic. Sometimes we study a whole book of the Bible over a few weeks. Sometimes we consider a topical approach to the Word. Other times we consider subjects that connect us with God’s church and mission. No matter what the topic, God promises that he will strengthen our faith through his Word. Take him up on the promise and join us for Bible class this Sunday.

Sunday School

Everything we say and do in Sunday school is designed to focus our attention on Jesus so that both students and teachers grow in Christian faith and godly living. Children who attend Sunday school will learn key stories from the entire Bible and also learn Bible verses they will remember for a lifetime, coming to them at times of need as they walk through life. Sunday School is held every Sunday at 9:40 am from September to Memorial Day (breaking for Christmas and Easter). Children in 3–6th grade are encouraged to attend. 7–8th graders are invited to attend youth Bible study the second Sunday of every month and help the rest of the month in the Sunday School classrooms.

Youth Bible Study

The goal of our youth group at Trinity is to give our high school youth and those about to enter high school an opportunity to study God’s Word, to enjoy Christian fellowship with each other, and to find opportunities as a group to serve others. It’s important that we help our teens set a pattern for faith and godly living as they grow and mature. Our Youth Bible Study is offered between services on Sundays at 9:40 am the second Sunday of every month. All 7–8th grade and high school students are invited and encouraged to attend. Guests and visitors are always welcome.

Women's Bible Study

The Trinity Women’s Bible Study meets at Dady Oh’s Restaurant on Tuesday mornings at 7:00 am and in the Trinity Room on Thursday mornings at 8:30 am. Women from all walks of life who are connected with our church and school are welcome and encouraged to attend. It lends a lot to discussion to have attendees with a wide-range of experiences and circumstances.

Men’s Bible Study

The Men’s Bible Study meets in the Trinity Room on Thursday mornings at 6:30 am.

Wednesday Bible Class 

The Wednesday Bible Class meets at Dady Oh’s Restaurant on Wednesday mornings at 7:00 am.