Time and Talents Survey

God is the giver of all good things. Who we are, what we are, and what we are able to do are all gifts from God. This means that God never asks from us anything that is not his own. Jesus was always aware of this truth in his use of the gifts and talents God gave him. By making perfect use of everything God gave him throughout his life, Jesus won our salvation and set an example which everyone who know him by faith will want to follow.

At Trinity, we offer many opportunities for faithful servants to use their gifts and talents to joyfully devote their lives in service of the gospel. We truly appreciate any time you can donate to advance the good news of Jesus Christ. Whether it is taking time to help clean or decorate the church, trim the bushes, or greet people on Sunday mornings, we are truly blessed to have you take the time out of your busy schedule. Please contact us or fill out the survey below. We'd love for you to serve our church and its ministry!

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